Artemi Panarin hurls glove at Brad Marchand



Who throws his glove?

Artemi Panarin does!

It's unclear what set off Artemi Panarin's glove-throwing moment.
It’s unclear what set off Artemi Panarin’s glove-throwing moment.

The Rangers superstar forward was caught chucking his glove at Bruins pest extraordinaire Brad Marchand in the closing moments of the Rangers’ 5-2 win in Boston on Friday.

It’s not clear exactly what set Panarin off, and it doesn’t seem like Marchand is telling.

artemi panarin glove throw marchand

“We were talking about what we had for Thanksgiving dinner,” Marchand told reporters. “He didn’t like what I ate.”

Panarin and Marchand are two of the best left-wingers in the NHL, and were debated as such before this season. Perhaps this was a situation where Panarin merely wanted to assert his dominance.


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