Bill Belichick called out by David Letterman for being gross



David Letterman roasted Bill Belichick while on the Monday Night Football “Manningcast” during the Patriots-Bills game.

The former late night host was a guest on the game’s alternate broadcast with Peyton and Eli Manning. As he was speaking, the ESPN cameras flashed to Patriots coach Bill Belichick — who just happened to wipe his nose with his hand, then rub it on his shirt, at that exact moment.

Letterman did not let him off the hook.

“Oh, look at that guy. Ooh. Yeah, just go ahead and use your hand, Bill. And then wipe it on your shirt. I love that move,” he said to laughter from the Manning brothers.

A few moments later, Letterman — a Colts fan — was asked his thoughts about the Patriots coach.

“You get two different Bill Belichicks,” Letterman said. “You get the guy who blows his nose in his hand and then wipes his sweatshirt. You got that guy … When he was on the show, it was Mr. Kiwanis Club After Dinner Speaker.”

Throughout the segment, Letterman shared his ideas for changes he’d make to the NFL today.

“One would be you eliminate punts,” he said. “And then another change I would make … if you’re gonna kick a field goal, that’s fine, but it has to be at least from the 50-yard line. You know, stuff I just think about.”

Bill Belichick after the Patriots' victory
Bill Belichick after the Patriots’ victory
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Belichick and the Patriots managed to pull off their seventh straight win on Monday, out-running the Bills to a 14-10 victory. During the game, quarterback Mac Jones threw the ball only three times.

The Patriots have a bye in Week 14, before they travel to Indianapolis on Dec. 12 to play the Colts.


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