Brian Scalabrine tells great story about Kevin Garnett’s mindset with team flights



Scal tells great story about KG’s mindset with team flights originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Marcus Smart didn’t take the court for Friday’s preseason finale as the Boston Celtics guard was disciplined for violating a team rule.

Smart was suspended for the one preseason game after reportedly missing the team’s flight to Orlando. C’s head coach Ime Udoka said the matter was handled internally and Smart, who was “remorseful,” will be ready for opening night.

Forsberg: Not a great start for Smart, Udoka sets tone

It sounds like it’s water under the bridge, but Udoka’s slap on the wrist of Smart undoubtedly sent a clear message to the team. As the Celtics move on from the minor issue, Brian Scalabrine recalled how he would approach team flights during his time with the organization.

“I used to always keep my eye on KG (Kevin Garnett),” Scalabrine said Friday on Celtics Pregame Live. “He always was late. Always. He would always say, ‘You ain’t going anywhere without this 20 and 10. I’m like, ‘You right!’

“So, I always kept my eye on KG. As long as I was before him, I’m not late. Even if I was theoretically late by time, no, KG sets the time.”

Not a bad strategy. After all, Garnett was right. There’s no way that team was leaving without his automatic 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Unfortunately for Smart, he didn’t have the same luxury of setting the time for the team flight. It appears it’s no big deal though as the Celtics prepare for Wednesday’s season opener vs. the New York Knicks.


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