Chiara Passari says Nick Kyrgios ‘love-bombed- her after split



Nick Kyrgios’ ex-girlfriend, Chiara Passari says she was “love-bombed” by the Australian tennis star.

“He love-bombed me for the first three months,” Passari told the Daily Telegraph, calling their relationship “toxic.” She described him as being “manipulative,” and said Kyrgios was searching for things in their relationship “to use against me.”

What does being “love-bombed” mean, you ask? It’s a manipulation tactic, in which a person will give excessive attention to someone with the expectation of dependency in return, according to Cosmopolitan.

Kyrgios and Passari, who began dating in July 2020, split after an argument in October, led to a police visit at their hotel in Adelaide.

The incident occurred after Passari accused Kyrgios of cheating in a post on Instagram. She reportedly shared a photo that appeared to show him in bed with a “naked girl.” Kyrgios, at the time, reportedly denied the cheating claim.

Nick Kyrgios during the Laver Cup on Sept. 25, 2021.
Nick Kyrgios during the Laver Cup on Sept. 25, 2021.
Getty Images for Laver Cup

Now, Kyrgios has moved on with Sydney-based blogger, Costeen Hatzi, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Passari said her openness about the relationship “is not for attention, it’s for awareness.”

“Why would I want to have attention on me from a story that makes me look weak and walked all over as I kept forgiving him and going back. It’s not for attention, it’s for awareness,” she said.

Passari added that her family hates her ex.

Kyrgios, the former No. 13 world in 2016, and Hatzi have not gone public with their reported relationship.

He has yet to address Passari’s comments.


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