Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 3: Live Stream, Undercards, Prediction



Wilder vs Fury 3, how to live stream, undercards, when and where. We are now about to witness the second-biggest fight of the year, Wilder vs Fury 3. These two are some of the most popular rivalries in the whole boxing world. The competition has been going on, for now, a long time.

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These two have a history of draw, defeat, and win in the past. It will be the third time when Wilder is going to face Fury. This time is the final game. No more next chance no more rematch. The man who will win the match will remain the king of this fight.

In the first two events of the Wilder vs Fury match, Wilder didn’t saw the success of light. He had a rough time, beaten by Fury. But Wilder is now working with a trainer and both teacher and student seem very optimistic. Though in the past Wilder change couches for the Fury match and didn’t work well. Hopefully this time it will turn around the game table.

Trying a new trainer and following coaches’ methods is a good thing for Wilder. But Fury mocks this training. He doesn’t think that a trainer is capable to make some better or teach them how to fight. Following simple work, out and rules are alright for a boxer to reach the highest power level. Plus the funny thing is, Fury has given some advice to Wilder for their fight. He told Wilder, how to defeat Fury in the Fury vs Wilder match. It will be fun if Wilder defeats Fury using Fury’s advice.

Here we prepare an article for the biggest fight of the year, Wilder vs Fury. We will talk about the match when and where, undercards, how to live stream, prediction, and some other facts about the Wilder vs Fury match.

So, let’s start.

When and Where is Daytona Wilder vs Tyson Fury 3?

The very long waited time is finally over. Fury will face again Wilder on Saturday, October 9. The event will start at 7 PM ET. And the main fight starts approximately at 11 PM ET.

The Fury vs Wilder 3 match will take place in the famous boxing arena the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

You can buy the event tickets online.


There will be eight fights including the main event under the Wilder vs Fury match.

Let’s see,

Main Event:

Daytona Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Under cards:

Robert Helenius vs Adam Kownacki

EfeAjagba vs Frank Sanchez Robeisy

Robeisy Ramirez vs Orlando Gonzalez Ruiz

Edgar Berlanga vs Marcelo Esteban Coceres

Julian Williams vs Vladimir Hernandez

Jared Anderson vs Vladimir Tereshkin

Viktor Vykhryst vs Mike Marshall

How to Watch Tyson Fury vs Daytona Wilder 3 Live Stream Online:


UK: BT Sports

Australia: Kayo Sports

Fury vs Wilder 3 live stream is available on ESPN and on BT Sports. ESPN has many subchannels and almost every one of them will show the whole game. ESPN has a deal with Fury for about five years contracts. So, you could watch all the Fury matches with ESPN.

ESPN has the live streaming service too via online apps. The app is called ESPN+. For online streaming, this will be your best server. But ESPN+ doesn’t come with free, have to buy the subscription first. A monthly subscription will cost 6.99 dollars and an annual subscription cost 13.99 dollars. For some reason, there may be some changes in the TV watching. So, to watch the event without any tension you should go for ESPN+.

One of the very popular live streaming media in the UK is BT Sport. They covered the whole EU sports live stream. So, if you are from the UK then you can use the BT Sport server to watch Wilder vs Fury match.

If you have a BT Broadband line then BT Sport will cost 10 pounds a month. And without the BT Broadband line, the cost is 24.95 pounds per month.

And the Australian fans have their Kayo Sports. Kayo Sports all the events of boxing. They are the name of faith of AU boxing lovers. If you are from AU then you can enjoy the match with Kayo sports.

Wilder vs Fury 3 prediction:

Wilder vs Fury 3 is the third time fighting off these world champion boxers. Fury was first scheduled to Joshua but then WHO said to Fury will fight Wilder for the last and final time. Well, if Wilder won then there will be another match too. But if Fury wins once again and knocks out Wilder then it’s probably the last fight of these two legends. Finding out the winner of the Wilder vs Fury match doesn’t seed hard from history. It will probably be another night of Fury. Plus, Fury seems very confident about the fight. He is in a very chill mood. He even planned his next five fights after the Wilder go down. In many cases, the Fury boy has already won the game on the internet.

If we analyze the past event then it’s very obvious that Wilder got only one or two ways to win the match. But on the other hand, Fury can make a game of his own in many ways. And we also see that Fury becomes more and more powerful in every round. And we know Wilder, he waits for the right moment and takes the chance when the enemy becomes tired.

But how the strategy will work against Fury is hard to imagine. Cause last two times, Fury saves himself from all the punches of Wilder. And the only thing that makes Wilder unstoppable is his punches. If Fury gets one of that then the match situation will be changed in no time.

Plus, Fury will have to control his aggressive spirit. If he gets reckless without thinking too much then this may cause him serious problems. But his speeding, combo size, and fighting method are unbelievably strong and the way he prevents an attack is outstanding. So, Wilder is not gonna get much chance to finish the Gypsy kings.

There is still good hope for the Wilder. But all the critics and fans believe that Fury will knock out Wilder once again.


Everyone is supporting and taking the sides of Fury for a third of Fury vs Wilder. It’s doesn’t seem unfair though cause Wilder has shown very little poor condition against Fury. But now he learned from the mistake. And know very well about the fights of Fury. So, if Wilder tries very hard for the win against Fury then it will get him the crown of boxing. Just a few more hours we need to wait to see the most exciting bout of this year.