Jamal Adams takes more heat for SNF intro, mistakes vs. Steelers



For the second straight week, Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is the favorite target of mockery for football Twitter. Adams took some slings and arrows after a rough game against the Rams last week. Following Sunday night’s loss to the Steelers, Adams is once again taking heat on social media for his performance.

During the player intros on NBC’s broadcast, Adams claimed to be the “best in the nation,” setting himself up for the inevitable mockery.

While the Seahawks finally let Adams embrace his gifts as a pass rusher, he wasn’t able to impact the game the way they needed once again. Adams got a couple hurries on Ben Roethlisberger, but that was about it.

The worst of it came when he let a potential clutch interception hit him in the face.

Adams also had another chance at a critical turnover late in the game on a deflection but could not reel it in – his third dropped INT in two games.

He also managed to take out another teammate with a friendly fire hit. This time it was cornerback D.J. Reed, who took a shot on the sidelines.

Not great, Bob.


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