Jerry Jones savoring every bit of Cowboys’ humbling of Giants



The end zones are painted blue with “GIANTS” in white capital letters in the center flanked by a script lowercase “ny” in white. 

“METLIFE STADIUM” stares down at you from the top of the stadium in white. 

But so many of the blue-collar people of this area, to whom Joe Judge once vowed that his team would represent, turned their back on the Giants on a rock-bottom afternoon when Cowboys players all but stood on Jerry Jones’ shoulders and shouted at the top of their lungs: “HOW ’BOUT THOSE COWBOYS FANS!” 

“We have a lot of Cowboy fans here in New York, and it just felt good to give ’em something to cheer about,” Jones told The Post after stopping in the press box hallway, not far from where John Mara kicked over those garbage cans earlier this season. 

“Make no mistake about it: One of the reasons that I came into the NFL was Alan Ameche, was the Polo Grounds, was the aura and the story that the Giants represent and what it’s done for our league, and I’m not trying to be sweet …” Jones said. 

Back in 1996, following a November win over Jones’ Cowboys, the late, great Wellington Mara said with a smile: “As I said, it’s always nice to see arrogance humbled.“ 

Jerry Jones waves to fans before the Giants' 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
Jerry Jones waves to fans before the Giants’ 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
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Except now Jones, and not Judge, has the team that will punch you in the nose for 60 minutes, and he couldn’t help but flash back to January 1994, when Emmitt Smith willed the Cowboys to an overtime win over the Giants with a separated shoulder to secure a home playoff game. 

“I was telling somebody today, I can’t look at that field without seeing Emmitt Smith had the game he had when he knocked his shoulder down and let us go,” Jones said. “But we have so much respect for this organization and the story behind it that makes this thing sweet and that felt good to hear those Cowboy fans.” 

I asked him if it was surreal or strange hearing 40, maybe even 50 percent of the fans, rooting for his Cowboys. 

“I’ve been here when I didn’t hear ’em, let’s put it like that,” Jones said, and smiled. “But again, at the expense of New York having their challenges this year, I’m aware of that. … I was very concerned about this game. As you know, we know any of us can get the other one on any given day. But I was proud of our team and proud to have 10 wins.” 

Judge has 10 wins as well … in 30 games. 

“It’s really with respect that I say I was glad to see those Cowboy fans because of the respect I have for the Giants, and just what they are to this league,” Jones said, “and the fact that one of the best feelings I had when I got in the NFL was knowing I was gonna get to be a part of competing against the Giants. And [Tom] Landry, of course, played here and came from here, and I’m well appreciative of what the Maras have brought, so a day like today feels good.” 

Cowboys fans overpowered Giants fans during the Giants' 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
Cowboys fans overpowered Giants fans during the Giants’ 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
Robert Sabo
Cowboys fans overpowered Giants fans during the Giants' 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
Cowboys fans overpowered Giants fans during the Giants’ 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
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It felt so good that Jones showed Mara some mercy and could find no reason whatsoever to kick him and the Giants, 21-6 losers, while they are down and out at 4-10. 

“I sure think candidly I know how he feels,” Jones said. “You just take this stuff, and should take it, completely personal, and I do. He puts it out there like that, and we do too. 

“And so yeah, it’s no fun to have to wear a season like this, but as we all know, every dog has his day in this business.” 

He chuckled at the end of that thought, because he is the dog having his day, while Mara fields a team with rabies. 

John Mara walks through the MetLife Stadium tunnels following the Giants' 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
John Mara walks through the MetLife Stadium tunnels following the Giants’ 21-6 loss to the Cowboys.
Robert Sabo

Mike Glennon (13-24, 99 yards, 3 INTs) versus the dominant Cowboys defense was never going to be a fair fight, and Judge of all people turning into Riverboat Joe on fourth-and-1 at his 34 and again on fourth-and-1 at his 29 in the third quarter told you as much. Glennon was so horrific that Judge should have turned to a more efficient Jake Fromm earlier than garbage time. The Giants wouldn’t have won the game, but maybe they could have covered at least. 

“We’re the best defense,” Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs said, “for sure.” 

Micah Parsons didn’t have to wreck the game because DeMarcus Lawrence, who forced Saquon Barkley’s first NFL lost fumble in 791 touches and helped stop Glennon on one of the fourth-and-1s and deflected a Jourdan Lewis interception, was the one who did. 

“When you play the Dallas Cowboys, you gotta play all 11 of us,” Lawrence said. 

And all the Cowboys fans who love a winner. 

“When you see your defensive players going like this on a road game,” said Mike McCarthy, using his arms to mimic crowd exhortation, “that’s special.” 

Ezekiel Elliott’s 13-yard TD run in the first quarter was cheered vociferously by Cowboys fans and/or by resigned Giants fans who started him in the fantasy playoffs. 

“When we’re winning,” Lawrence said, “that’s what’s gonna happen.” 

It happened over and over again, even at the end, when Diggs and Randy Gregory implored Cowboys fans to make noise as Fromm threatened. 

Diggs’ 10th interception in the end zone against Kenny Golladay (3-53)? 

“Our fans do a great job every week showing up to away games, making feel like a home game for us,” Diggs said. “It really does help us.” 

I asked Diggs: It didn’t seem like a home game, did it? 

“Yeah it did,” he said. 

A Giants fan argues with a Cowboys fan.
A Giants fan argues with a Cowboys fan.
Robert Sabo

Dak Prescott’s 1-yard TD pass to Dalton Schultz sealed the Giants’ fate late in the third quarter. 

“There’s nothing like when it’s third down, on the road, for their offense and the crowd gets loud,” Prescott said. “That’s one of my favorite parts about being a Dallas Cowboy, the fans that we have and the support that we have no matter where we go.” 

The Cowboys now have an intra-team challenge — touchdowns versus turnovers. Defense has taken a 4-2 lead. 

“We have a little bet going on,“ Prescott said. “Defense is kicking our ass, but it’s turnovers versus touchdowns that we created this week. They obviously won this one, but we’ll make sure that it carries over.” 

In the adding-insult-to-injury department: Prescott wasn’t entirely satisfied with only taking what the Giants would give him. 

“It’s definitely frustrating,” Prescott said. “The defense is doing a great job giving us the ball in plus territory, and we’ve gotta find a way to get in the end zone, simple as that.” 

Judge’s Giants have been saying that for two years. 


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