Kanye West seen wearing prosthetic Caucasian mask at JFK




Kanye West — sorry, it’s legally just “Ye” now — donned a freaky prosthetic mask of what seemed to be a Caucasian woman for his cab ride out of JFK airport in New York Monday.

West, 44, changed out of a standard-issue pandemic-compliant cloth mask to put on the Halloween-ready look, which appeared to include eye shadow.

It’s the second time in as many days Ye has been spotted wearing a face covering of this, uh, caliber. He wore a pale greenish-blue mask Sunday in Venice, Italy, which was either more or less upsetting than Monday’s look, depending on your personal fears.

Kanye West wearing a mask in Venice, Italy.
Kanye West wearing a mask in Venice, Italy.

West wore the same all-black Balenciaga getup with both masks: a leather jacket, acid-wash black jeans and calf-high boots. He carried a crossbody bag and wore a hat reading “Friendship,” an apparent souvenir from the Berlin Atonal festival.

Monday’s mask may have been chosen for its headphone-friendly design, as Ye continued to wear the same set of ‘phones after putting on the mask.

The “Closed on Sunday” rapper also opted for a regular yellow cab for his ride from the airport, surely one of the few modes of transportation available to him where the driver wouldn’t blink an eye at his getup.

West has always had a thing for masks, dating back at least to his 2013 “Yeezus” tour. But recent months have seen him use quite the selection, regardless of the weather or setting. In May, he pounded the pavement in Los Angeles in a religious-themed face covering, rocking it again a week later, despite the June weather in Southern California being in the 80s at the time.

In July, he attended a Balenciaga show in another full-face mask, this one seemingly combining the Harley-Davidson logo with some varietal of big cat.

Then, of course, there were the varying masks he wore for this summer’s “Donda” listening events in Atlanta, Georgia, which he even convinced soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian to mimic in her own look for one of the album’s listening events and the Met Gala.

Maybe he’s just a really big “I Think You Should Leave” fan.


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