Michele Tafoya got anti-veggie Al Michaels to eat Brussels sprouts



Al Michaels is still going strong in the broadcast booth at the age of 77, no thanks to vegetables — except for the only two bites he’s ever eaten in his life, courtesy of Michele Tafoya.

Michaels recently revealed the story behind his only slippage, which came during a dinner in Baltimore ahead of a “Sunday Night Football” game when his NBC colleague tricked him into it, perhaps with the help of alcohol.

“For whatever reason, we were all four or five vodkas in, and [Tafoya] sneaks some deep-fried Brussels sprouts onto a plate,” Michaels said on the “Pat McAfee Show” Friday. “It was so deep-fried, I thought it was a French fry. So I had two bites and that’s the only time I’ve ever had a vegetable. Period, end of story.”

Michaels survived his run-in with the vegetables that night, but his aversion to them dates back a long time.

“I was born when my mother and father were 18,” Michaels explained. “So my mother didn’t even know who [noted pediatrician] Dr. [Benjamin] Spock was at that point. I pushed the vegetables away and all I got was steak and lambchops and whatever meat, and fish. Period. That’s it.

Al Michaels Michele Tafoya Pat McAfee
Al Michaels on Friday’s episode of “The Pat McAfee Show.”
The Pat McAfee Show

“I hear that you need eight helpings of vegetables. What? Get out of town!” Michaels added to laughs. “This is crazy. Protein, dairy, whatever. By the way, I take a lot of vitamin C, which helps, I think.”

Michele Tafoya Al Michaels
Michele Tafoya got Al Michaels to eat a vegetable.

Michaels’ unusual diet has served him well. The longtime play-by-play voice is set to call another Super Bowl in February and then is expected to join Amazon as its lead play-by-player for “Thursday Night Football,” The Post’s Andrew Marchand previously reported.


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