Packers QB partly answers mystery



Aaron Rodgers gave some more clarity on his toe injury during his weekly appearance Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

Before saying that he was done providing updates on his medical status on the program — a reference to the widely circulated interview in which Rodgers revealed why he was not getting the COVID vaccine — Rodgers gave the clearest update yet on the injury he suffered during his COVID quarantine.

“I believe that I mentioned that it was more painful than turf toe – and I had turf toe two years ago,” Rodgers said. “Naturally I’m leading people to understand that if it’s worse than turf toe it must have some kind of bone issue.”

Rodgers gave a hint that it was his pinky toe that is affected, saying it was “better the fifth toe” than others.

Upon a follow-up from McAfee asking how he stubbed his toe, Rodgers said that he’s done talking about his “medical status” on the show.

Aaron Rodgers takes a snap against the Vikings on Sunday
Aaron Rodgers says he has a “bone issue” in his pinky toe.
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“Look Pat, I’ve already talked enough on the show about my medical status,” Rodgers laughed. “I’ve given you enough information at this point – I have a toe injury that’s not going away and I’m going to be dealing with it for at least the next few weeks.”

While Rodgers’ former Packers teammate A.J. Hawk jokingly suggested that Rodgers should cut the pinky toe off, it was a missed opportunity that no Big Lebowski reference was made during this hit.


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