St. Thomas vs. Nebraska Omaha line, prediction: History will be made



A new revenue stream has come alive for bettors this college basketball season, with St. Thomas moving up from Division III to the Division I level. The team will look to get its first win within the Summit League conference on Monday night when it visits Nebraska Omaha.

Omaha has yet to defeat a D-I opponent this season and has allowed at least 75 points in eight of its last nine games in its current losing streak.

St. Thomas, located in St. Paul, Minn., has found instant success at the Division I level thanks to an offense that ranks 30th in the country in points scored on a per-possession basis on 38.3 percent 3-point shooting against D-I competition.

The Nebraska Omaha defense rates 354th (out of 358) in the nation in points allowed on a per-possession basis while allowing D-I opponents to make 39.7 percent of their 3-pointers, which is 344th nationally.

With Omaha sitting 329th in the country in rebound rate and 317th in turnovers on a per-possession basis and St. Thomas No. 8 in the country in taking care of the ball, the Tommies will win their first Division I conference game on Monday.

The Play: St. Thomas, -2.5.


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