The Yankees are awfully quiet



Yankees' Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman treated image

Yankees’ Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman treated image

Have you noticed the silence emanating from Yankee Stadium for more than a week?

Yeah, me too.

Other than the third-base coach Phil Nevin defending his questionable send in the wild card game to the world’s last tabloid stakeout artist, Dan Martin of the Post, no Yankee has said boo.

Well, here’s my sense of what’s going on. It’s an admittedly incomplete picture — the Yankees go into stealth mode as well as any team when they want to, and that’s where they are now — but we’re still reporting, because you’re still wondering.

My sense is that we are not looking at seismic change in the Brian Cashman administration. The GM is under contract through next season, and we’re not getting the feeling that he’s leaving now. No huge surprise, but still a question that some readers seemed to have.

I’m also not getting the feeling that Aaron Boone will be out. As ESPN’s Buster Olney recently reported — a report that no one has denied — Boone remains highly regarded by many in the organization, though no final decision has been made.

Methinks the Yankees are working on a resolution there, inching closer while not on the verge of an announcement yet.

Me also thinks that we could be looking at some changes in the coaching staff and front office structure.

Is this a thorough, earth-shattering report? No, it is not. But it was time to tell you something, however preliminary the situation still is. We’re working on it.


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