Tom Brady trade? Gisele raises eyebrows with bold tweet



This Tom Brady-Gisele Twitter exchange will turn some heads originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

There’s trouble in paradise, folks. That or Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are in a trolling mood.

The 44-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback drew some attention Saturday afternoon by tweeting that he’s “missing the fall this year,” implying that he’s nostalgic about at least one aspect about playing in New England instead of Florida.

Minutes later, Gisele ensured her husband’s tweet would get a whole lot more attention.

“Time for a trade?” Gisele jokingly (?) asked — to which Brady responded with mild shock.

To be clear, the power couple almost certainly is messing with us. Brady has explained many times how much he enjoys playing in Tampa Bay after 20 seasons with the Patriots, and his Bucs once again are Super Bowl favorites amid a 5-1 start.

Brady says he could ‘literally’ play until this age

With its player-friendly head coach (Bruce Arians) and loaded group of offensive skill players (Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, etc.), Tampa Bay is a great NFL spot Brady, so there’s little chance he goes elsewhere — especially not to New England, which has sputtered to a 2-3 start with a less-than-stellar offense.

Brady and Gisele’s Twitter exchange may pull at the heartstrings of Patriots fans, though, and perhaps they’ll take solace in knowing that their former QB has New England on the mind about two weeks after his trip to Foxboro.


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