Tyreek Hill says he was never picking the Jets: ‘Who?’



It sounds like the New York Jets were just a stalking horse.

The Tyreek Hill sweepstakes, in which the Miami Dolphins were ultimately the winner, developed rapidly Wednesday. Reports before the speedy receiver’s trade from Kansas City indicated that the Jets and Dolphins were the finalists, but Hill has disputed the idea that the Jets were ever close at his introductory press conference in Miami.

“How close was I? Who? The Jets?” Hill asked. “I knew I was going to pick Miami no matter what because I’m basically from here, I’m here all the time. This is home for me, for us.”

Tyreek Hill says he was always going to pick the Dolphins.
Tyreek Hill says he was always going to pick the Dolphins.
YouTube/Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins traded five draft picks, including a first rounder in 2022, to the Chiefs for Hill. They also signed the wideout to a new four-year, $120 million deal.

The Jets reportedly did not include a first rounder in their proposal to the Chiefs, but based on the way draft pick valuation works, their offer that included two second rounders would have been accepted by Kansas City had Hill wanted to play for Gang Green.

Florida has no state income tax, while more than 80 percent of Hill’s $30 million per year deal would be taxed at 10.75 percent in New Jersey – where the Jets play.


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